Special Features of DPWS Subhanpur


Each academic session is divided into two terms. It is compulsory for all the students to appear in the assessments and examinations in order to get promotion to the next class.


The Green School has clean, healthy, protective and green surroundings. It also promotes both the physical and the psycho-social health of learners and others in school; ensures a healthy (provision of health services such as nutritional supplementation and counseling) and hygienic (safe drinking water, neat and clean classrooms, playground and parks, etc.) and safe learning environment, with healthy practices (e.g. a school free of drugs, corporal punishment and harassment); and brings children closer to nature as far as possible and involves them in taking care of it.

It is inclusive as it: has infrastructure suited to the requirement of all children including those with special needs, to facilitate their learning; encourages respect for each others rights, dignity and fosters equality; does not exclude, discriminate, or stereotype on the basis of differences in caste, creed, gender, ethnicity, religion and abilities; and respects and responds to diversity by meeting the differing circumstances and needs of children (e.g. based on gender, social background, ethnicity and ability level).

It is effective for learning as it: promotes developmentally appropriate teaching and learning processes and encourages cooperative and democratic learning; and provides appropriate environment and opportunities (content, materials and resources) to the students.

It helps to involve all stakeholders as it: fosters symbiotic (mutually beneficial) relationship between the school and the stakeholders (children, families, School Management Committees (SMCs) and the community at large) by seeking their active involvement and ensuring their participation in different activities inside and outside the school.


We have a well equipped Computer Lab with ultra high-speed Central servers and latest educational software linked to world wide web to allow students to use these facilities for learning about a different topic related to their curriculum as well as gaining expertise in using computer and internet. We are also keen to teach children about personal safety in the use of social media to ensure they are fully aware of health and social risk involved. We conduct an online exam with NIIT’s help. We give certificates on qualifying the test.

ROBOTICS-A medium of learning STEM Subjects

Visionary Bill Gates, the Japanese Robotics Association and the European Commission has something in common: they all believe robotics will be as important tomorrow as computers are today. This means all future Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, Technocrats and Researchers in Applied Sciences will benefit from learning about robotics.

Using robotics we can conduct many experiments of science and also teach mathematics, algebra, and  Geometry and Computer science to the students any critical subjects. If the student does his experiments using robotic models he will remember the experiment forever, instead of teaching him theoretically.

An Educationist with rich experience internationally are of the view that STEM Education is the future of the world. The crucial time for understanding math and science is in the middle and high school, and the foundation of every successful doctor, Engineer or businessman (or women) is based on a solid understanding of maths and science.

In our school, robotic classes are conducted from classes Ist onward.



We have well equipped Science and Social Science Lab. Social Science Laboratory has equipment, apparatus an materials required for each subject, such as maps, globes, ethnic artifacts etc, to promote practical as well as theoretical learning. It provides work space  for students and teachers to carry out interactive activities such as role playing, visualization, sharing, competing cooperating problem solving etc,


We have well equipped Science and Math’s lab, where students get to learn their subject thoroughly. The apparatus motivates the slow learners to learn their lesson and create interest in the subject.


We have a well equipped library to improve knowledge and communication skills.


We have weekly martial Art classes also for physical strength to focus on their activities and pay attention to their tasks. Children have been participating and bringing laurels to school in the form of trophies and Medals.


We have a separate art and craft room where students  can experience and develop keen appreciation of The art as well as of our traditions and culture.