Our Principals

Mrs. Bhawna Rampal

Delhi Public World School Synonymous with quality education believes in “ Education  For All” where learning, sharing, assimilating to strengthen goes hand in hand. The school caters to all round development of children irrespective of caste creed or religion. I believe every child possesses immense talent and is loaded with assets that only need to be tapped. Ample space and right direction is provided to empower  their inherent talent and help in their physical , psychological, social , emotional, cultural and technological growth that further helps them to remain abreast and bring out new inventions and discoveries through our would be Einsteins,  Galileos or Madam Curies.

The emphasis is not only on learning and preparing them for future but on thinking , reasoning and exploring a well. The efforts put in help them to be leaders and not followers. For this or teachers are not just teachers but a friend, a philosopher, a guide and a mentor who ignites a spark of curiosity. We believe “Education is not the filling of a bucket “ but lighting of a fire and we wish to keep this fire on till they become “winners because as goes the  adage “Winners don’t different things they things differently.”

We at Delhi Public World  School believe that education should be challenging, engaging and experiential that offers opportunities to show initiative , maximize potential and develop self discipline in natural environment

Mrs. Yogita Kapil

It gives me great pleasure as Principal of Delhi Public World School, Subhanpur  in extending a warm welcome to all the members of our school fraternity.

The school was started with a vision of providing quality education with plethora of activities leading to multiple experiences and enrichment of students in the serene and pollution free environment of Subhanpur by our Chairman Mr. R.K Tyagi.

We are caring community where needs of a student are our priority. The spacious, airy, naturally lighted and air-conditioned classrooms, buses , world class infrastructure and state of art sports facilities are all designed to facilitate learning in a secure environment . Our well qualified faculty is trained to use pedagogical practices. The curriculum emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge, useful skills, understanding, critical thinking and problem solving abilities. The school strives to develop in students a lifelong love of learning, responsible citizenship and personal integrity.

As a Principal, I can assure you that our school will have an environment where traditional Indian Values and modern values coexist and are respected. We are sincerely committed to mentor our students to be Global Citizens.

We have embarked on a journey of pursuing excellence for the students under our care and we thank you for reposing your faith in us . We are reminded of what Abraham Lincoln meant when he wrote to the headmaster of his son’s school, after dwelling upon the strengths and inadequacies of the child, asking for the best that the school can do.

It’s a big order, but see what you can do

He is such a fine fellow my son!

Let us accept our responsibilities as ‘parents’ at school and yup as ‘teachers’ at home, to nurture the young minds to enable their talents, strengths and goodness to fructify.’

Mrs. Manisha Johri

At Delhi public World School the entire atmosphere is child centric. Our earnest endeavor is to equip our students with skills required to adapt to ever challenging and changing world.

According to us, the essence of education is to kindle the spark in a child and to keep it alive. We at Delhi World School  follow the Dipsite pedagogy system where we firmly believe in Dr. Kalam’s  idealogy, that the education  system be such that it does not  wipe the smile off a child’s face. We aim at holistic development of child’s personality and this is done through the activities aimed at learning, emphasis on sports, extra curricular activities and spiritual training. We inculcate  in our students the basic qualities of respect, tolerance and humanity, to sustain them for life.

We firmly stand by the multiple intelligence system of learning where children are assessed for their innate qualities and nurtured to develop their true potential. In this endeavor we have the unconditional support of our mentors, Delhi Public World Foundation and school management. The school provides a safe and secure environment for holistic development of every child’s personality. Commitment, Communication and Collaboration is our motto.