Delhi Public World Foundation


Dipsites are spread across the globe and share special bonds that do not fade despite years of separation. The uniqueness of the experience of Delhi Public School Alumni/Dipsites is known only to those who have been part of this unique education experience. Generation after generation they have added to the original glory and special feeling that touched them. But as the alma mater grew into a vast empire the natural space that should have opened up for the multitude of Dipsites somehow did not come to fruition. Naturally other attractions and opportunities in life captured the attention of a legion of remarkably talented alumni. Lest they be lost to other causes and associations in life some hard core Dipsites decided to bring them all together as part of the Delhi Public World Foundation. It is an ambitious, noble, productive experiment to enrich the world with unparalleled knowledge communication: combining the art of learning with access to the best global pedagogues. Excellence in education with a transparent commitment to equity for all, extreme technology combined with the human touch, and above all uniqueness of the teacher taught bond of the Delhi Public School experience, will hopefully set the Foundation apart in contemporary India. We are Former or Current Students, Parents, Teachers or Principals, or Non-Teaching staff Member of Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi, Owner of a Delhi Public School Franchise School. We are ‘Dipsites’, where the Delhi Public World Foundation is concerned. We are part of the Dipsite World. We are entitled to be members of the Delhi Public World Foundation.